Тест по английскому языку.

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English Test

Section A

For questions 1-60, choose the correct answer.

Section B

Read the texts below and choose the correct answer.

Text A

Dear Demi,
Greetings from Beijing. Liz and I have in China for a week now. We've already visited of interesting places but there's so much we haven't seen . Yesterday we to the Summer Palace is one of the most famous royal gardens in the . It is located just outside Beijing and it's really amazing. It's also very well-preserved, so can see many of its beautiful features. Well, I go and get some rest now. Tomorrow we're visiting city, so we have to get up early.
See you a week.
All the best,

Text B

According to a recent survey, technology has influenced our lives in various ways. , more and more people have become "couch potatoes" of spending more time watching TV being with their family or friends. A great number of people to use the Internet every day not only for professional reasons but also to keep in with friends and relatives. , the majority of the people who were interviewed do not believe that books will eventually be by the net. Some people claim that changes technology has brought are negative it hasn't managed to bring us closer. , others argue that things may be different but not necessarily worse since change is part of life.

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